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Afri Grow (PTY) Ltd: Our Unique Proposition

Afri Grow is a South African registered company with majority shares in a full-spectrum Lesotho Cannabis License (GACP, GMP and in the near future EU GMP certified) with the ability to grow, cultivate, harvest and export medicinal grade cannabis. However, Afri Grow is much more than a medicinal cannabis company – it is uniquely positioned to be the No. 1 nutraceuticals company, sourcing selected products from all over Africa, to supply demand from pharmaceutical companies in the USA, Canada, Europe, the UK, Australia and Asia.

Afri Grow was born out of the need for an ethical, ESG-aware and innovative company comprising dedicated professionals who believe in the “Green Health” story of tomorrow and have the requisite experience and extended networks to develop a start-up company while ensuring that risks are appropriately mitigated to maximize our chances of success.

Green Health is a rapidly growing industry that is still in its relatively early growth stage. We are targeting a number of nutraceutical products and companies that we believe will positively transform the medicinal and pharmaceutical industries. The importance of nutraceuticals is expanding globally in terms of scientific services, legal aspects, and marketing strategies for health promotion, reduction of disease, and health care costs. Africa is inherently positioned that natural remedies and the use of pharmaceutical products go hand in hand. Africans and other indigenous people have been using cannabis and other plants with healing properties for millennia.

We will also focus on mergers and acquisitions within the Green Health and Integrative Medicine sectors. To this extent, we have identified and carefully selected a few companies along our value chain that will allow us to integrate both vertically and laterally. This will not only allow us to de-risk reliance on the ‘open market’ when selling our products but also ensure that we receive the optimal price for our products sold as we can better customize it to their unique requirements.

Our Team

Dr. Grant Nicholas

Dr.Johan Badenhorst

Basson Piek

Adriaan du Plessis

Morne Jamneck

Our Project

The project will establish a Medicinal Cannabis Indoor Cultivation and Production Facility in Lesotho relying of a combination of aeroponic and hydroponic technologies. The facility will strictly adhere to internationally prescribed production methodologies to propagate, cultivate, and ultimately process medicinal grade cannabis. To this end, GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practice) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and requirements are implemented from the design and inception phases through to the end product to ensure a top-quality crop that meets with the strict international standards for exporting cannabis.


    • 2019: Afri Grow (PTY) Ltd was established with the Green Health and Integrative Medicinal sectors in mind. Our initial focus is on medicinal cannabis. Research into the industry commenced several years in advance of the founding of this company.
    • 2020: Afri Grow (PTY) Ltd engaged with LEAVEA, our strategic partner and advisor, who has consulted and actively assisted a number of companies in Lesotho and South Africa on almost every aspect of the cannabis industry.
    • 2021: Afri Grow (PTY) Ltd and LEAVEA entered into a commercial agreement.
    • March 2021: Afri Grow (PTY) Ltd secured the license in Lesotho.
    • October 2021: Afri Grow (PTY) Ltd entered into agreement with Global Greenfin, a Venture Capital company with a focused interest in Green Health.
    • December 2021: Afri Grow (PTY) Ltd paid the last amount due for the cannabis license.
    • January 2022: Agri Grow appointed Dr. Grant Nicholas as Director and Executive Chairman of the Company.

Contact us

Grant Nicholas,
Perth, WA, Australia
M: +61 401 508 513

Johan Badenhorst
Mossel Bay, South Africa
M: +27 82 412 0137

Adriaan du Plessis
Mossel Bay, South Africa
M: +27 82 479 5748

Basson Piek
Mossel Bay,  South Africa
M: +27 83 417 3105

Morne Jamneck
Mossel Bay, South Africa
M: +27 72 072 8751